Prophets of Doom

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The Prophets of Doom came together in 1987 to rush release a single highlighting the stupidity of the death threats towards Salmon Rushdie over his book Satanic Verses.  GOD cannot be insulted by a book and no one has the right to take another's life just for expressing their views.  The song was called 'Burning The Books' and had the chourus 'Here is another nail in the coffin, of our promised land - There was a day when God was insulted, by a writers hand - While nation count their numbers, the publishers want more, so strange that its the little things, that turn into a war = Once more divided, another us and them, we're living in a big man's world, here comes war, over the horizon."  The song got zero support from the media.  It was if there was a big D notice slapped on it by the Ministry of Defence. 

The band went on to record a single protesting the first Gulf War, entitled 'Your Son is Crying in the Desert' but again, they couldn't muster any support.  For obvious reasons, their identity had to be kept a secret but now it can be revealed that the members were Steve Idiot - keyboards & fiddle, Dave Goodman - bass and guitar & Dave Slave - vocals.