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Bands, Artistes & Albums Produced :
2004 Mandala Malta, Stone Shiva, Ozzy Lino, Internet Cafe Orchestra
2003  Mandala Malta, AILAS, Lost Ravens, Dave Goodman Solo Album (unfinished)
2002 Internet Cafe Orchestra, Darryl Read, Darryl Read & Dave Goodman LP, Soundtrack for Syd Barrett movie, Sad Pistoils
2001.Now Age Radio, UK Subs, Kathy Manuell & Dave Goodman "Healing Journeys" Sex Drugs & HIV(triple album featuring over 150 named musicians) Splodgeness Abounds, Urban Dogs. SYM-EON, Space Goats, Vibrators,
1990 to 2000: Splodgeness Abounds, Space Goats, Hankdogs, Rainbow Over The Gipsy Hill, Live from Venus, Kangaroo Moon, Invisible Opera Company of Tibet, Space Goats, SI, Zen Bhuda Bootboys,
1980 to1990: Dave Goodman & Andy Blade "The Big plan", Chelsea, UK Subs, Slave Dance, The Cannibals, Surfadelics, Bad Karma Bekons, Mobiles, New Age Radio, The End Of The World Orchestra & Dave Slave (R.I.P.) The Prophets Of Doom - Lena Zavaroni, The Friendly Hopefulls, Beckie Bondage, Here & Now, Glen Matlock, Sea Horses, Gerry Laffy, Direct Hits, Freddy Steady's Wild Country, Echo Echo, Bad Losers, The Huns, aNHREFN, Jackals, The Brilliant Corners, Turkey Bones & The Wild Dogs, Rakesh Kumar, Concrete Bulletproof Invisible (fearuring Glen Matlock), Striptease,  Rick Hagan, Wait and See, Congressmen of Dance, Stu P Didiot & Karen Jones, Buzzard, Kid Galahad, The Union, Three In Pursuit, Aunt Lucy, The Swimming Pool, Zoo Bazaar, Kant Kino, Red Performance, Zap, 21 Strangers, Drifting Robots, Hostages, Royal Family, The Letters, Last Party, Rupert Colley, Dave Woodman, , Dave Rose, Nicky Astor, Toccata,  Sheppard - Johnson, The Gabriel Set (featuring Andy Blade of Eater), Rob Power, The Embrace, Such Is Life, Shooting At the Moon, The Creepshow, Sid Presley Experience, The Unholy Trinity, Legacy Of Lies, Slave Dance, Chris Stone, Don't Ask, Perfect Colours, The Peripherals, Sheltered Life, Philip Early, Bronx, Ohmadon, Hiding Place, Mood For Tuesday, Captain Mubbers Brigand Musicians, The Morticians, Treatment, The Friendly Hopefuls, Punching Holes, Stoned Aid, (Stonehange Festival Benefit) bad mad Missouri Buffalo
1976 to 1979: Dave Goodman & Friends "Justifiable Homicide", Sex Pistols, Eater, Expo, Users, Bombers, Maniacs. Tribesman, Vibrators, Neo, Front, Cash Pussies, Angie Bowie, Peko & Naka, Nick Wellings,
1971 to 1975: Orange Rainbow - Polecat - ????????? - quite a lot but I can't remember who!