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Bands Played In::
1964: The Roll On Four.
1964 to 1966: Frinton Bassett Blues.
1966 to 1967: Bluesville Soul Band
1967 to 1975: Orange Rainbow.
1975 to 1977: Polecat.
1977: Sex Pistols (for a brief period, Dave played bass with Steve & Paul on Substitute, Great Rock & Roll Swindle, Rock Around the Clock and he also played percussion on My Way.
1977: Dave Goodman & Friends (featuring Steve Jones & Paul Cook of the Sex Pistols plus Tommy trouble aka Ben Brieley, Martyn Hayles (Orange Juices producer) & Bay City Rollers singer Les's brother Jammie Wilde. For MP3 click on title.. Justifiable Homicide
1978: The Ex Pistols
1982: The Temple of Truth - featuring Eater singer Andy Blade

1984: The Big Plan - A concept project in collaboration with Andy Blade
1986: Musical Meames - An experimental combo.
1986: End Of The World Orchestra
1987: The Prophets of Doom
1987: Seven Seasons - A ambient dance project.
1989: New Age Radio - An ethno ambient futuristic trance/dance outfit.
1990: The Sexless Pistols
1994: Live From Venus
1996: Rainbow Over the Gypsy Hill
2000: Now Age Radio
2001 Healing Journeys
2002 Internet Cafe Orchestra
2003 Mandala Malta