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Members: Dave Goodman & Kathy Manuell. Guests on track 9: Erica Brincatt & Sam Hermitage

Internet Cafe Orchestra are a band that play ambient, jazzy, bluesy psychedelia.  A combination of techno beats and live instruments including analogue synths guitar, bass, drums, piano, vibes, sitar, flute and percussion.  All the instruments are played by Dave Goodman & Kathy Manuell, apart from trk 9.  Phil Strongman reviewed it as "Air on a blues trip" and gave it five stars in HI FI Choice.  "It's the kind of music I'd love to listen to while surfing" says Dave. 

They have in fact performed at several Internet Cafes and plan to do live webcasts and make their music more easily available on line.  They have toured Japan and the UK and currently reside in Malta.  A new album is in production but may take a while as the members are currently busy with many other projects.

Click on link to sample a track: 1. Muse for the Blues 2. Walking with the Goddess 3. Become the Light 4. Raga Swingtime 5. 12 bar Greens 6. Take Seven 7. Sea of Tranquility 8. Jazzadelica 9. Calypso's Island 10. Dance with the Wind 
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