Kathy Manuell - singer, musician, songwriter, photographer & website builder
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Kathy's recent projects:
2003 - Mandala Malta
(psychedelic, ambient, rap band)
2002: Internet Cafe Orchestra (blusey, jazzy, ambient funk)
2001: Healing Journeys (relaxation music for healers & meditation)
2000: Now Age Radio (tribal, funky, psychedelic festival band)
1999: The New Age Radio Show (52, 1 hour shows broadcast in Japan)
1990 to 1999: New Age Radio (experimental, ambient, ethnic trance band)




Kathy Manuell was an early pioneer of the re-introduction of the Theramin into modern music.  Far left, she is playing hers with her band New Age Radio at an early Whirly Gig in 1990.  The Theramin was hand-built by Chris (boffin) Barnett and can be heard on many musical projects including the Space Goats, Kangaroo Moon, Live from Venus, Splodgeness Abounds & Internet Cafe Orchestra. The second picture shows her playing her hand-built 'Stardrum' which produced an infinite variety of percussive and melodic sounds.  It was built by her partner Dave Goodman.




Kathy had two photographs selected and displayed at the 2003 Malta Photographic Association/Malta Tourism Authority  competition.