Sea Horses

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Sea Horses hail from Congleton/Macclesfield UK and released their first album in 1988 on the Mandala Label. Left to right they are Simon Creaghan, Richard Veal, Jo, ? and Liz.  They were extremely eclectic in a psychedelic folksy way.  A bit of a cross between Cocteau Twins and The Incredible String Band.  They went on to record two more albums and do a series of now legendary gigs before petering out, some say due to a difference in spiritual ideologies.  The band were produced by Dave Goodman who part financed the recording sessions along with Richard and Simon.  Shortly after they disbanded, a small miracle happened. John Squires of Stone Roses decided to call his new band 'The Seahorses'.  Richard immediately informed the music press. who gave the matter quite a bit of coverage, resulting in a lot of free publicity for both bands.  "TWO SEA HORSE TOWN" read one of the captions.  In the end after much dogged determination  from Dave and his secretary Emma Wallace Stephenson, Chris Squires brought the name for an undisclosed figure and there's 15,000 reasons why we can't tell you.  Richard, Simon and Dave each took a share to cover their losses and not long after Chris Squire's Seahorse died.

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