The Frinton Bassett Blues Band
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Left to right: Golly, Scott Whetton - guitar, John Wright - keyboards, Dennis Smithers- drums & Dave Goodman - bass.

The band formed in 1965 as a summer holiday project, playing mostly Kinks, Stones, Small Faces and Who covers.  They were expertly managed by Dennis' dad Fred Smithers and together they raised a lot of money for 'Action for the Cripple Child' charity.  Two years later, they were voted the second most popular band in Middlesex by a street survey carried out by The Middlesex Chronicle.  John left the band to become a scentist and was replaced by Alan Cook.  Stevie Crawford was brought in on vocals along with sax players Roy and Pete.  The band discovered soul and changed it's name to The Frinton Bassett Blues & Soul Band.  They then discovered Blue Beat and Scar and became.......The New Frinton Bassett Blues & Soul Band.  Next came a brief flirtation with psychedelia and Pete & Roy put down their Saxes to operate the light show.  Sadly, singer Stevie came of his scooter and was hospitalised for some time.  He was replaced by George, a half Mowri freak from New Zealand.  Eventually, the band burnt itself out and the members went their seperate ways.   In 1996, they reformed for a one-off gig to celebrate their 30 year anniversary with original members Scott, John, Alan, Stevie and Dave.  "We could still remember those old songs." says Dave. "It was marvelous."  In 2003, they recorded a five track EP in Dave's studio in Malta and plan a world tour in 2012.   New Recordings:  Knock On Wood   My Girl