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The Ex Pistols started out in 1979 as the 'original' Sex Pistols tribute band.  They felt they were a good alternative to the pathetic 'Biggs Bambi Bygraves Pistols'. They've  featured Dave Goodman & Glen Matlock on bass, Dan Wiseman, Alan Lee, Del Bartlett, Steve Jones & Ted Jones on guitars - Andy Boreman, Kevin Murphy, Bryson Graham, Paul Cook & Dave MaCintosh on drums - Dave Rose on keyboards and Dave Spiers, Dave Goodman & Dave Slave on vocals.  Their first release was a punked up version of Edgar Elgars 'Pomp and Circumstance' also known as Land of Hope & Glory.  Publishers Boosey & Hawkes refused them permission to release it so they had to wait until the composer had been dead for 50 years.  February 1984 was the date, the record was released,  John Peel played it & then it was band until the end of the year.  It was crazy, Boosey & Hawkes could have made a lot of money but were afraid of upsetting some retired Colonels who may be shareholders.  The picture of Baroness Thatcher on the cover is genuine and was sneaked out of a photo library by one of Dave's mates.   The musicians were credited as Pull Cock, Steal Jones, Rotten Johnny & Posh Pen Bollocks.  Apparently, they sounded so convincing that one major music rag reviewed them as if it was the originals.  The B-side was a jam entitled 'The Flowers of Romansk'

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The new 'ex Pistols' are a recent recording project set up by Dave Goodman, with Dave writing most of the music and Dave Slave the lyrics. They have a new album "Denial of a Goodman" just released. There has been open opposition to them from certain members of the Sex Pistols camp with a legal effort to close down their activities.

Musicians on this album are: Dave Goodman, Glen Matlock, Steve Jones, Paul Cook, Bryson Graham, Al Lee & Dave Macintosh.

Dave presenting the master tape of Land Of Hope & Glory to Ian McNally of Cherry Red Records, circa 1984.

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