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Now Age Radio began life as a experimental dance duo called New Age Radio in 1987 comprising Australian keyboardist Sandra Dunn and British multi-instrumentalist Dave Goodman.  They created a fusion of ethnic psychedelia and dance.  On top of this, they placed 'spiritual sound-bites' or 'words of wisdom' - some channelled and some from modern and ancient texts.   Their first project was '7 Seasons', comprising seven 7 minute pieces, each in a different Greek mode.  One of these, "Eastern Dreaming", was picked up for zippy Fraser Clarke's  pioneering compilation album called "Shamanarchy In The UK" (art work by Jamie Reid - Sex Pistols' graphic designer) featuring many seminal bands from the emerging Trance Dance scene.

New Age Radio played at the Whirly Gig launch alongside Transglobal Underground, Loop Guru, Banco De Gaia etc and were an instant hit.  They went on to create their own happenings around London, playing at The Seed, Megatripolis and from 1992, they ran a 'clean energy' stage at Glastonbury Festival using wind, solar & bicycle power.  The line up was very flexible and sometimes they would go from a ten piece back to a duo at the wave of a bandana.  Fellow members have included: Cyrung - didge, Anthony Aldridge - violin, Jeremy Tranter - keyboards - Thomas Christen - alto sax & percussion, Chris Leeds - drums, Vannesa - didge, Brian Lee - keyboards, Lawrence Ball - keyboards and anyone I've missed, well you know who you were.

They released a series of limited edition tapes which were mostly given away at gigs or to people with walkmans on the undeground, with the instruction "COPYRIGHT FREE- Please copy and distribute".  They were active during the 'Criminal Justice Bill' protests and co-wrote with Dave Slave a song called "Last Vestiges of our Autonomy" which they gave away in memory of the day No 10 was nearly stormed by dancing fluffy ravers. They performed at the first Phoenix Festival in the Whirly Gig Tent to over ten thousand people and sold their tapes like 'hot cakes' after the show, until Vince Powers' security threatened to set the dogs on them  "because they hadn't a license".  "So how much is one then?" asked Dave Goodman.  It turned out to be 1,000 and as the band were only getting 100 for three performances they declined the offer.  "Call this a festival? It's more like a bleeding prison!" remarked the band to irate staff.  Later that night there was a riot and several people were shot.

The band released their first CD "Survival Show" in 1993 with the line up of Dave Goodman, Sam Hermitage, Sandra Dunn, Kathy Manuell & Jean Vidler.  Sam & Jean are the main organisers of the Green Future Field at Glastonbury and have been promoting Green Energy since the mid seventies.

The band toured Japan in 1997 and 1998 and on 1st Jan 2000, they released a second album "Sound Ideas for the 21st Century". On 1st Jan 2001 they released an updated remixed version and changed their name to Now Age Radio. They recently regrouped to play in Malta and at the 2004 Glastonbury Festival.  There are many unfinished recordings in the archives and a possible 3rd CD on its way.  Dave Goodman & Kathy Manuell currently run a studio and record label on a tiny island in the Med and play in various bands including Mandala MALTA, Internet Cafe Orchestra & Healing Journeys.  Sandra moved to California,  Sam lives on a boat on the Thames and  Jean moved to Glastonbury and they are still organising Green events, including the Big Green Gathering and Kingston Green Fair.


Tracks on "Survival Show": One Vision - Holy Ground - Sanguinalia - Clive the Humpbacked Whales Adventures in Hyperspace - Earth Prayer - Elsewhere in the Spiral - Reset the Controls for the Heart - Morning Sitar - Carefull with that Wand - Eastern Dreaming - Magic on the Air - Open Ended Spiraling Loops - Dreamcatcher - Life is a Mystery

Tracks on "Sound Ideas for the 21st Century": Mandala - Supplication  -  Skyride  -  Green tea Party  -  Earth Prayer  -  Rainbow Warriors  - Circles  - Watching the Sky  - Over the edge & Free  - Spaceship Earth

Exclusive....... check out new track from forthcoming unfinished album....."AVOCARDO".....
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