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THE BIG PLAN - conceAndy Blade & Dave Goodman cica 1984pt CD   Click To See Video of "Hemits Of London"

1. Everything Has It's Appeal
2. Goodbye
3. The Big Plan
4. Hermits of London
5. Strange Old Thing
6. Surreality
7. Indian Sketch
8. The Monster Song
9. Look Inside
10. Don't Bite the hand that Feeds You
11. Life is a Mystery School
12. Goodfolk of the World Unite
13. William & Clive Get Puzzled

The Big Plan is a 'Psychedelic Parable' in tune and rhyme.  It tells the story of 'William the Punk' and 'Clive the Hippy' and their shamanic adventures, drifting through the Sqatlands of London. In essence, it's a reflection on Dave & Andy's own relationship, from the early days of punk towards the second summer of love.  It's prophetic message is based on actual spiritual happenings the duo encountered along the way.  The music is a fusion of folk, punk and psychedelia.  There is also a cartoon to follow as the story unfolds.     SOUND magazine gave it 5 stars *****.  

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